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CINPA Telephone Contacts - (513) 426-7100

Weather Closings will follow Cincinnati State Technical & Community College

The regular CiNPA monthly meeting is held at Cincinnati State Technical & CommunityCollege on Reading Road in Evendale at 7:00 p.m. on the 1st Wednesday of the month. Meetings are free for members and $5/month at the door for non-members.  Annual membership is just $35/year. Go to Join for complete assistance on becoming a member.

ATTENTION - DANPA (Dayton Area Network Professionals Association) is now part of CINPA - welcome!

Visit TechLife Cincinnati Meetup to find ALL the IT Groups in Cincinnati.


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Give us your suggestion(s) for CINPA monthly meeting presenters. 

If your company would be interested in doing a presentation at our monthly meeting we welcome your topics on IT Hardware, Software, Services or other relevant issues.  Please contact Allen Miller, CINPA President, to let us know of your interest.


VOIP for Home - May 7, 2014

Allen Miller's business includes Business VOIP Phone Systems.  However, for the May meeting Allen is going to show you how - for a very small investment (like $30) - you can get rid of your home land line and convert all the analog phones in your house to a very low cost VOIP monthly phone bill for a few dollars per month.  Feel free to invite a friend to this meeting.


Iron Mountain - March 5, 2014

Laurissa Krishock from Iron Mountain will be presenting on asset destruction, archive challenges, and legacy systems.


IT Training - January 8, 2014 (NB the date)

This meeting date is moved to January 8 since the first Wednesday falls on New Years Day.

Presentation:  New Horizons will be presenting on What’s new in Certifications and talking about SharePoint.  This is a change from the original plan due to scheduling conflicts.  We hope to have the presentation on Ethical Hacking in the months to come.


Security Panel Discussion - December 4, 2012

Presentation:  Invite your friends and co-workers!!  We’ll be doing a panel discussion on Security and Compliance for IT professionals and IT service providers.  

In light of the new changes to HIPAA, HiTech, and PCI, along with the proposed Federal CyberSecurity standards; there is ample evidence that IT professionals and managed service providers may be increasingly held liable for non-compliance, including penalties. 

Panel Members will include:

  • Brad Stroeh, VP at First Financial.
  • Jack Gerbs, President of Quanexus, Inc. (managed service provider for regulated industries
  • Mike Carr; CISO University of Kentucky
  • Eric Kornau

Paul Weingartner, Program Chair of the CNET program at Cincinnati State has agreed to be the moderator. 

Election Time!!!

Each December our membership elects it officers.  No new nominations were received.

Our Current Officers are:

President – Allen Miller

Vice President – Jack Broughton

Secretary – Sharon West

Treasurer – Ron Schuermann

Membership Director – Kevin Royalty


Nov 6, 2013 - BlueCoat Technologies

Presentation:  Ken Wheeler of BlueCoat Technologies will be presenting on Web Security Services

The Web Security Service, part of the Blue Coat Cloud Service, provides proactive web protection to organizations of all sizes without updating appliances, servers or user desktops. As part of the Security and Policy Enforcement Center, the Web Security Service offers proven technology as an internet-delivered service. It works with Blue Coat WebPulseTM, the collaborative defense with over 75 million users to ensure real-time protection against known and unknown web-borne threats. With extensive web application controls and detailed reporting features, the Web Security Service enables administrators to create and enforce granular policies that are instantly applied to all covered users, including fixed locations and roaming users.

  • ·         Real-Time, Dynamic Malware Protection
  • ·         Accurate and Relevant Web Content Filtering
  • ·         Granular Web Application Controls
  • ·         Powerful, Intuitive Policy Management and Reporting
  • ·         Enterprise-Grade Deployment Options
  • ·         A Web Security Service for Any Size Business

Election Time!!!

Each December our membership elects it officers.  All positions are open for nomination.  Nominations need to be received by November 15th in order to be included on the ballet. 

Our Current Officers are:

President – Allen Miller
Vice President – Jack Broughton
Secretary – Sharon West
Treasurer – Ron Schuermann
Membership Director – Kevin Royalty