Networking - Jan 4, 2017

For our first meeting of 2017 we are going to have a networking session.  Not the kind of networking that we do at our work and at most of our meetings – but a human kind of networking.  After all NETWORKING is the second word of our CINPA name.  This is more like your Chamber of Commerce networking or BNI kind of meetings.  If you are used to just being an observer this will be different because everyone is going to get the floor for a short time to tell the rest of the group about you.  I’m not expecting any powerpoints or large productions – more like an introduction to who you are, what you do, what you want to do, what you like, etc. etc etc.  If you want to do a powerpoint you can – it’s just not required.

Speaking for myself I think I know many of you but some I don’t know as well as I know others.  This will help me get to know you better.  Hopefully this will be just as useful for the rest of you as well. This can be useful for someone that might be looking for a job, or interested in learning or exploring new areas or even someone looking to hire a person to fill a position.

As always our meetings are open to the public. Please help get the word out and I will look forward to seeing you Wednesday.