Jess Elshere -White Cloud Security - August 2 2017

Come join us and listen to Jess talk about White Cloud Security and trying to stay https in this http world.

Jess Elshere - Sales Manager, North American Enterprises, White Cloud Security A former Control Systems Engineer with experience in all phases of process engineering through construction, startup, and revamps. After 13 years of domestic and international engineering, Jess transitioned to a career in Sales within the process industry, and owned a small business at the same time. In 2015, Jess joined White Cloud Security, and now provides a key cybersecurity technology to help Enterprise, Infrastructure, and SMB combat the hacker threat.


White Cloud Security

Provider of the patented Trust Lockdown product: The next generation whitelisting technology that closes the gap in Endpoint Protection (EPP) by providing actual malware PREVENTION.  No patching, updating, behavior analysis, or threat assessment needed to maintain protection. We stop malware first!


Presentation - Overview of Endpoint Protection Technologies

The Target - Your Endpoint

The Threat - Today and Tomorrow

EPP Technologies - Overview, Pros/Cons

Cybersecurity - The Value of Networking