Recruiter/Career Night - October 2, 2019

Come join us for our annual IT Recruiter/Career Night. Come learn everything you need to know about landing that perfect IT job. Get the edge you need, and learn how to network so your resume packet is not dropped. Learn the language of the interview to help you get that A+ performance. In no time, you will be sipping on some Java and eating some Pi with that perfect job. We will have two great presentations this month by Monica Nieman and Tom Falter.

Monica Nieman is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati with a BA in Information Systems. She worked as an IT professional for about 9 years prior to shifting her career focus into IT Staffing. For the past 13 years she has been a Consultant Care Manager, a recruiter or, as in her current role, selling IT Staffing solutions to customers in Cincinnati and across the country as Consulting Services Account Manager with CBTS. She has unique insight into hiring trends working closely with IT leadership at all levels with perspective of having been an IT professional.

Monica will do a presentation called Software is a Disruption. Cloud Computing and DevOps is changing the way people deploy code. Infrastructure and software are converging at a rapid pace, and developers are pushing changes on both the infrastructure and application side. How to update and market your skills in this ever evolving industry.

Tom Falter has a strong background in the Information Security area with over 20 years of information security sales with success in sales of hardware, software and professional services. In addition to his day job, Tom continues to operate his consulting firm, Thinks, Inc., which uses lean manufacturing principles to enable SMB's to analyze issues in sales, sales operations and enablement to find solutions that streamline processes and maximize sales performer contributions more quickly. He also teaches at Northern Kentucky University for the College of Informatics, Business Information Systems

Tom will do a presentation called The Future of Work. The trends are in and work as it was defined for generations has changed significantly. The Gig Economy is upon us. Find out how this affects you, affects your job, and changes the dynamic of what we do now and in the future with our “work”.

Best part: if you are looking for a job, we will waive the $5 meeting fee. **Note CINPA is not responsible for actual job placement Results may vary. Please find another recruiter if problem persists.**