July 7 2010 Meeting

Presentation:   Geoff Green of AppSense will present on the following:

What’s missing from the current Virtual Desktop Solutions on the market?

Why do VDI projects Fail?

What happens to my profiles when we go to 64 bit?

Is it going to hurt when I go to Windows 7?


Plan to attend the July 7th meeting for answer to these questions and more.


AppSense Environment Management – The Third Layer of the Desktop


In order to reap the cost reduction and manageability benefits of virtual client computing, it is essential the user component of a desktop is managed independently of the desktop.  The ability to abstract the user ‘personality' from the desktop, manage and store this personality separately and apply it to a virtual environment "on-demand" are the three tenets of user environment management.


Founded in 1999, AppSense is a technology provider specializing in user environment management (UEM) solutions for enterprise organizations.  UEM is a complete solution for managing the user experience across combinations of application delivery mechanisms, user types and site locations.  Based on extensive experience in server based computing, AppSense have expanded their reach into the desktop virtualization space. AppSense partners include Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, Wyse, Symantec, CSC, IBM, Dell, EDS and HP.