Trend Micro - August 3, 2011 - Jim Smith

CiNPA Presentation Topics

Threat Landscape – What’s new in the world of malware that can keep us awake at night?

  1. Consumerization and the loss of control – How to protect our data from devices we’ve never seen (or ever heard of)?
  2. Virtualization and VDI – How to secure Virtual servers without bringing them to their knees; Is VDI for real?
  3. The march to the cloud – How to secure the “cloud”, whatever that is?
  4. What’s next ? – A look at the Trend(s) through the crystal ball

Jim Smith – Trend Micro

As the Global Product Marketing Manager for Endpoint Security at Trend Micro, Jim is an evangelist who delivers impactful and pertinent information to audiences around the world.  Trend Micro’s new cloud-client strategy - Smart Protection Network – combined with converging anti-malware technologies with systems management has resulted in unprecedented growth of Trend’s Endpoint Security Solutions.

Jim’s expertise, experience, and humor result in compelling presentations and proactive consulting to customers and partners alike.  Jim views the security world from the inside out and delivers a new and refreshing look at the race to stay ahead of, and safe from emerging malware threats. Jim has a master level certification from Trend Micro. Jim’s past experiences include: Bell Canada, IBM, and BroadJump.