Nov 6, 2013 - BlueCoat Technologies

Presentation:  Ken Wheeler of BlueCoat Technologies will be presenting on Web Security Services

The Web Security Service, part of the Blue Coat Cloud Service, provides proactive web protection to organizations of all sizes without updating appliances, servers or user desktops. As part of the Security and Policy Enforcement Center, the Web Security Service offers proven technology as an internet-delivered service. It works with Blue Coat WebPulseTM, the collaborative defense with over 75 million users to ensure real-time protection against known and unknown web-borne threats. With extensive web application controls and detailed reporting features, the Web Security Service enables administrators to create and enforce granular policies that are instantly applied to all covered users, including fixed locations and roaming users.

  • ·         Real-Time, Dynamic Malware Protection
  • ·         Accurate and Relevant Web Content Filtering
  • ·         Granular Web Application Controls
  • ·         Powerful, Intuitive Policy Management and Reporting
  • ·         Enterprise-Grade Deployment Options
  • ·         A Web Security Service for Any Size Business

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