Security Panel Discussion - December 4, 2012

Presentation:  Invite your friends and co-workers!!  We’ll be doing a panel discussion on Security and Compliance for IT professionals and IT service providers.  

In light of the new changes to HIPAA, HiTech, and PCI, along with the proposed Federal CyberSecurity standards; there is ample evidence that IT professionals and managed service providers may be increasingly held liable for non-compliance, including penalties. 

Panel Members will include:

  • Brad Stroeh, VP at First Financial.
  • Jack Gerbs, President of Quanexus, Inc. (managed service provider for regulated industries
  • Mike Carr; CISO University of Kentucky
  • Eric Kornau

Paul Weingartner, Program Chair of the CNET program at Cincinnati State has agreed to be the moderator. 

Election Time!!!

Each December our membership elects it officers.  No new nominations were received.

Our Current Officers are:

President – Allen Miller

Vice President – Jack Broughton

Secretary – Sharon West

Treasurer – Ron Schuermann

Membership Director – Kevin Royalty